Belgian Society for Human Genetics


20th BeSHG meeting

Genome for all?


6 March 2020

The 20th meeting in Brussels was again a tremendous success, with >450 attendees and many fantastic talks.
Congratulations to Stijn Vandesompele for the best oral presentation and Kim Van der Eecken for the best poster award.
Thank you all for making this again a very interesting meeting, and see you all next year.


Confirmed Invited Speakers

SAMUEL REFETOFF, The University of Chicago, USA

STYLIANOS E. ANTONARAKIS, University of Geneva, Switzerland

ADAM FRANKISH, European Bioinformatics Institute, United Kingdom

BJARNI V. HALLDORSSON, deCODE genetics, Iceland


Gert Matthijs, President
Nisha Limaye, Secretary
Lut Van Laer, Treasurer