Belgian Society for Human Genetics


Permanent Education Course in Human Genetics

This postgraduate course intends to fulfil the need of a growing number of professions (from industry as well as from health care, for diagnostic or for research purposes) in which theoretical bases of all aspects of human genetics are useful or required. This course provides a uniform and adequate theoretical background for all those taking up responsibilities in human genetics-related activities within the different Belgian genetic centers.
This course is organized one Friday per month by each Human Genetics Center successively. It is limited to 50 students for practical reasons. Registration will be effective when payment of the registration fee (200 €) is received. Registration will subsequently be done at the University or the Genetic Center mentioned in the payment communication.
Dates 2019-2020
  • Friday 11 October 2019: KULeuven
  • Friday 8 November 2019: ULB
  • Friday 6 December 2019: UGent
  • Friday 10 January 2020: IPG
  • Friday 7 February 2020: UCL
  • Friday 20 March 2020: UA
  • Friday 24 April 2020: ULg
  • Friday 15 May 2020: UZBrussel
  • 5 June 2020: final exam
  • 4 September 2020: final exam 2

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Human genetics is a relatively young medical discipline which originated in the sixties with the demonstration of chromosomal anomalies in constitutional and acquired disorders. The discipline experienced a rapid growth with the development of DNA analytical methods which enabled the identification of several genetic, mainly monogenic, disorders. At present, human genetics experiences another growth spurt due to the development of genome-wide analysis tools, high capacity mutation detection methods leading towards complete human genome sequencing. This evolution leads to an ever increasing relevance within all medical disciplines. The current technologies not only enable to identify inherited Mendelian disorders, but also increase our understanding of complex diseases. Human genetics not only enables diagnosis, but is leading more and more to improved guidance and treatment. From this ever increasing importance and complexity, the Belgian Society of Human Genetics identified the need for a course which provides a theoretical basis for human genetics at a PhD level. The members of the society represent the eight Belgian human genetics centers as well as scientists and professionals involved in human genetics. The postgraduate course in human genetics intends to fulfil the need of a growing number of professions in which a full theoretical basis of all aspects of human genetics is useful or required. In the industry, health care, diagnostics as well as in certain areas of research, such knowledge is wanted. Within the Belgian genetics centers, the course will provide a uniform and adequate theoretical basis for all those taking up responsibilities in human genetics-related activities.

POC members 2019-2020

President of POC: Bettina Blaumeiser
Secretary: Paul Coucke

Each course participant needs to present an obligatory, additional work.
To organise this, please contact the POC member of the university where you study or work, or registered for this course.
It is obligatory to present proof of presentation of the extra work and payment of the course fee to get access to the course exam.
Pdf file of the work presentation needs to be sent to the course secretary.


To register for the course and participate in the exam with the aim to obtain the Interuniversity Certificate in Human Genetics, a fee of 200 EUR has to be paid.
For registration, please contact Registration Contacts (see below; click on the names for email information) at the genetic centre of your choice, with reference to the university at which you plan to obtain the certificate.
You will then receive an email with the payment details. Payment of the course fee is a requisite to get access to the course exam.

Registration Contacts:

For practical reasons we can only accept 70 students. Registration will be effective when payment is received.


Gert Matthijs, President
Nisha Limaye, Secretary
Lut Van Laer, Treasurer