February 2003
Belgian Society of Human Genetics
of the BeSHG

M Abramowicz, President
G Mortier, Secretary
F Kooy, Treasurer
K Devriendt
K Keymolen
G Pierquin
L Van Maldergem
M Vikkula

Dear colleagues, dear friends,

News from the 3rd Annual Meeting and General Assembly

The 07.02.2003 meeting in Leuven was by all account a splendid success full of scientific interactions, with an exciting program and 250 participants !
Attendance to the general assembly was less crowded. The board reniewed four members, among which it welcomed two new boardees: Genevieve Pierquin (Liège) and Miikka Vikkula (Brussels). Next year 4 board members will finish their term and must be succeeded to. So the BeSHG needs YOU !

Workgroup reports

- The workgroup on Predictive Genetic Testing reported its proposed guidelines. These are now posted on the website (www.BeSHG.be): please feed back your comments before February 28, 2003.

- The workgroup on Genetics as a medical specialty is ongoing and reported current proceedings.

Next Annual Meeting and General Assembly

will take place in Gent, on Friday 06 February 2004. Mark your agendas !

Yours faithfully,

Geert Mortier
Marc Abramowicz