October 2002
Belgian Society of Human Genetics
of the BeSHG

M Abramowicz, President
G Mortier, Secretary
F Kooy, Treasurer
W Courtens
K Dahan
K Devriendt
K Keymolen

L Van Maldergem

Dear colleagues, dear friends,

The next Annual Meeting on 07.02.2003 in Leuven…

We are happy to announce that our next Annual Meeting will focus on the general theme "Genetics and the brain". Below is the list of invited lecturers, and provisional titles:

Jamel CHELLY, Paris: X-linked mental retardation
Bart DESTROOPER, Leuven: Alzheimer's disease
Rudi D'HOOGE, Antwerp: Behavioral studies in mouse models
Renzo GUERRINI, London: Cortical malformations: the example of lissencephaly
Jean-Louis MANDEL, Strasbourg: Trinucleotide repeats
Massimo PANDOLFO, Brussels: Genetics of Epilepsy
(Speaker pending): The genetics of intelligence

We already encourage you to submit abstracts for poster presentation. We aim at fostering a forum among Belgian geneticists: so do not hesitate to re-submit a poster even if customized for another meeting.

Practicalities for abstract submission will follow shortly, along with finalized program.

… and the next General Assembly on that day
We will have to elect 4 new
Board members. Applications are open.

Workgroup on Predictive Genetic Testing
The workgroup plans to submit its conclusion and advise on 07.02.2003.

Workgroup on Genetics as a Medical Specialty
The workgroup has been split in two subgroups, one for MDs, one for PhDs, in order to address the issue in its complexity. Report on 07.02.2003.

Yours faithfully,

Geert Mortier
Marc Abramowicz