March 2001

Belgian Society of Human Genetics

M Abramowicz, President
G Mortier, Secretary
F Kooy, Treasurer
W Courtens
K Dahan
K Devriendt
I Liebaers
L Van Maldergem

Dear Sir, Madam,

Recently you applied to become a member of the Belgian Society of Human Genetics. It is our pleasure to inform you that your application has been accepted by the Board.

The new BeSHG Board

On 9 February the composition of the BeSHG Board was changed by the General Assembly of members. Since Prof. Dr. A. Verloes and Dr. P. Cochaux decided to leave, there was a vacancy for two new members. Two new candidates applied and were elected : Dr. W. Courtens and Dr. K. Dahan. Prof. Dr. Marc Abramowicz was elected as the new President of the Society. Prof. Dr. K. Devriendt, Dr. F. Kooy and Dr. L. Van Maldergem were re-elected and Dr. F. Kooy became the new treasurer of the Society.

The first annual meeting… and next

We are happy to say that, thanks to all participants and thanks to the speakers who gave lectures of outstanding quality, our first meeting was a real success. Clearly there is a need for contact within a national society between all actors of human genetics in our country.

Our young society will bestow its first Honorary Membership on Prof C. De Duve, who kindly accepted to receive it. Needless to say how his contribution made our meeting an even more special day.

As discussed on 9 February, the next meeting of the BeSHG will be organised by Prof. Dr. I. Liebaers at the VUB in Brussels on 22/02/2002. Please mark that date ! In case you would not yet have your 2002 diary available, their must surely be some easy mnemonics to remember it…

The organization of the 2003 meeting is still open. The KULeuven already volunteered. Applications from other institutions are welcome, and should be sent to the President, Marc Abramowicz, c/o Service de Génétique Médicale, Hôpital Erasme, B-1070 Brussels, or electronically at the following address:, before June 30, 2001.

Genetic events of interest

Finally, we want to draw your attention on two upcoming, interesting events:

  • Albert de la Chapelle (Ohio State University, Colombus) will lecture on “Can genetic testing be used in the prevention of cancer? ” at the Erasme Campus of the ULB (Amphitheatre J) on Friday 20 april 2001 at 12.30 pm.

    Friday 20 April 2001 at 12:30

    "Can genetic testing be used in the prevention of cancer ? "

    Albert de la Chapelle
    Ohio State University, Colombus

    Biomedical Conference, Erasme Foundation
    Amphitheatre J
    Campus Erasme, 808 Lennik St., B-1070, Brussels

    • The 9th Biennial Southern African Society of Human Genetics Congress will take place at the Kruger National Park South Africa between Sunday 12 and Wednesday 15 August 2001. Those interested should contact Lynn Luttig (phone: +27 15 268 3288/ fax: +27 15 267 0485/ email: or Philip Venter (phone and fax: +27 15 268 2277/ email:

    New projects are welcome

    Our Society is aimed at promoting contacts between actors of Human Genetics in Belgium, at representing Belgian geneticists towards other national and international societies, and at promoting research in basic and applied human genetics. The board will welcome initiatives at regional or national level, in which the BeSHG's fostering would be helpful.

    We thank you for your interest and confidence in the BeSHG and remain,

    Yours sincerely,

    Geert Mortier
    Marc Abramowicz